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Podiatrist in Houston to treat Spurs Foot

What is it?

A heel spur is a bony prominence that may appear on the front of the heel (calcaneus) due to excessive and continuous stretching of the plantar fascia, a band of connective tissue that covers the muscles in the area. To overstretch the fascia can calcify, forming the spur, which is quite painful and difficult normal heel support, sometimes causing inflammation in the surrounding area.


The ram is more common among people with high arched foot or who are overweight, although it may occur among those making violent movements with his foot. Also, the flat foot and contractures in the Achilles tendon also increase the tension in the plantar fascia, so it may lead to the occurrence of heel spurs.


This injury is usually treated successfully by using orthotics that relieve stress on the area making movements less painful. Night splints and stretching exercises are also effective to eliminate or reduce pain. In case there are inflammations can be treated by infiltration of inflammatory drugs.

Advances in surgical techniques has led to the heel spur can be corrected with surgery. By such an operation resection or removal of the spur with a minimal incision of two or three millimeters in the skin to the bony prominence.


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