• Foot Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different foot conditions and professional treatments

    Arch Pain, Ball of Foot Pain, Blister, Bunion, Callus, Corn, Ingrown Toenail, Spurs and more...

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  • Ankle Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different ankle conditions and professional treatments

    Ankle Sprains, Arthritis Pain

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  • Skin Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different skin conditions and professional treatments

    Athlete's Foot, Foot Odor & Perspiration, Nail Fungus, Rough and Dry Skin, Warts and more

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  • Children

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different conditions and professional treatments
    in childrens

    Flatfoot, Warts or Petty, Ankle Sprains, Juvenile Bunions, Ingrown toenails

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  • Services and Treatments

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different treatments and professional services at
    Rivera Foot & Ankle

    Foot Scanner, Anatomic Insole, Laser Therapy, Ankle Prosthesis, Laser Tatoo Removal and more...

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Unhappy Feet

Don't Feel Pain In Your Feet

Within the sports world, as elsewhere, sore feet don’t command much respect.

“Athletes will play through a level of pain in their feet that, if they felt it in their knees or their shoulders, they’d be hammering at a surgeon’s door,” says Glenn Pfeffer, the director of the Foot and Ankle Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Surgery for Ankle Pain

Ankle Surgical Options

If an ankle is fractured or arthritis interferes with function and causes pain that can't be controlled with medication, surgery may be an option – or a necessity. Here are some of the most commonly performed ankle surgeries.

Foot Injuries and Other Problems

Learn More About Feet Conditions

The bones, connective tissue and small joints of the feet are prone to several types of injuries. Injuries can happen in otherwise healthy joints; however, arthritis and related disease processes can make some more likely.

Heel Pain

Physical Therapy

Painful heels are the number 4 concern bringing patients into the offices of many family doctors and the number 1 concern bringing patients to the offices of podiatric physicians (foot doctors).

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