Foot and Ankle Podiatrist in Houston for treat the Foot Odor & Perspiration

Transpiración y Olor del Pie

  • The smelly feet when an excess foot perspiration soaks the lining of the shoes and socks. Perspiration creates an optimal environment for bacteria that can grow and cause a bad smell.
  • The sweaty, smelly feet and / or shoes are the most common signs.

    People who wear shoes with poor ventilation, synthetic leather boots or not-or not-wicking polyester or nylon socks tend to have persistent foot odor.
  • Bacteria are the main source of foot odor. The bacteria consume the dead skin cells on the feet, which in turn produce smelly feet.

    • Keep your feet dry and ventilated
    • Change your shoes daily to allow them to dry thoroughly
    • Wear clean cotton socks to help wick sweat from the skin
    • Use powders or other drying agents
    • Daily Practice good hygiene (wash and dry your feet well)