Advanced Food & Ankle Specialist for Juvenile Bunions in Houston

Juanetes juveniles

  • Bunions are a deformity of the 1st. toe (toe), which is directed towards the other fingers and causes bumps on the inside of the foot.
    • Pain: This occurs in the inside of the 1st finger or toe and is mainly caused by friction with the shoe.
    • Deformity: A deformity occurs toward the inside of the foot of the big toe, where the toe begins, can be severe enough to be mounted on the second toe, which in turn is distorting the natural structure of the foot, determining that sole support incorrectly and calluses appear in the region of the sole on the underside of the fingers.
    • Alteration to Walk: This condition occurs when the foot is in great deformity conditioning inadequate foot support. representing greater pain and deformity, creating a vicious circle which must be stopped.
  • Usually a type of genetic or hereditary problem, make susceptible intrauterine forces the child's foot as much as genetics to develop a bunion, is born with the predisposition to develop the deformity.

    After 3 years of growth centers and close in the first metatarsal at the base that is where they are, and once closed, you can start talking about reconstructive surgery to correct.