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Helpful Hints for Children’s Heel Pain

Treatment of Foot and Ankle in Houston

As spring sports transition into summer activities, kids everywhere are jumping from one thing to the next, running around like crazy — which means parents are too! It’s an action-packed, busy time of year. School will be out before you know it, but in the midst of all this activity, children with heel pain might seem oddly less than enthusiastic.

If your child suddenly loses interest in the activities he or she typically enjoys, that’s a sign that something is wrong. Heel pain in children can stop them in their tracks, and while that’s a nice little breather for you, it may also be concerning to you as well. Not to worry, though. We can not only help ease your mind, but ease your child’s symptoms, too!

Here are the main reasons for children’s heel pain, and some helpful hints on how you as a parent can help:

Sever’s disease – this is not a disease at all but rather a common issue that occurs in growing, active children. When the heel bone grows faster than the Achilles tendon, the Achilles becomes taut and pulls on the heel causing pain. While the symptoms will eventually go away when your child is done growing, stretches, orthotics, and supportive shoes with plenty of cushion can all help minimize discomfort.

Achilles tendinitis – let’s face it, kids put their feet through a lot of punishment, and although the Achilles is the strongest tendon in the body, even it can be overused, aggravated, and inflamed causing pain in the back of the heel. Rest, ice, stretches, and again, good shoes and orthotic inserts can all be helpful in relieving pain.

Plantar fasciitis – just because this is the most common cause of heel pain in adults, doesn’t mean it can’t happen in kids! This is an overuse injury that responds to rest, ice, stretches, a switch to lower impact activities like swimming or biking, as well as – you guessed it – new shoes and custom orthotics!

Fractures – children in high-impact sports, or who simply play hard, can endure such force and stress on their heels that the bone actually fractures. The good news is that rest, ice, and a splint, cast or boot are all that is typically needed for the bone to mend. 

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