• Foot Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different foot conditions and professional treatments

    Arch Pain, Ball of Foot Pain, Blister, Bunion, Callus, Corn, Ingrown Toenail, Spurs and more...

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  • Ankle Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different ankle conditions and professional treatments

    Ankle Sprains, Arthritis Pain

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  • Skin Conditions

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different skin conditions and professional treatments

    Athlete's Foot, Foot Odor & Perspiration, Nail Fungus, Rough and Dry Skin, Warts and more

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  • Children

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different conditions and professional treatments
    in childrens

    Flatfoot, Warts or Petty, Ankle Sprains, Juvenile Bunions, Ingrown toenails

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  • Services and Treatments

    Dr. Orlando Rivera explains about the different treatments and professional services at
    Rivera Foot & Ankle

    Foot Scanner, Anatomic Insole, Laser Therapy, Ankle Prosthesis, Laser Tatoo Removal and more...

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Foot and Ankle Surgeon Houston

Morton's Neuroma: Causes and Treatment

A Morton’s Neuroma is actually incorrectly termed, with the name suggesting it is a tumour or growth. Rather than a true neuroma, it is actually what is called a perineural fibrosis, which means that over time the sheath surrounding the nerve becomes irritated, inflamed, and forms a thickened scar tissue. 

Foot and Ankle Podiatry

Swollen Ankles: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

This fluid buildup can have a number of different causes, most notably insufficiency of the venus system, water retention secondary to heart, kidney, liver, or endocrine disease, as well as local musculoskeletal issues such as trauma, infections, or tumors. 

Ankle and Foot Specialist Houston

Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)

Symptoms , Treatment And Prevention

Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, is inherited peripheral neuropathy and is found worldwide among all races and ethnic groups. Discovered in 1886 by three physicians, Jean-Martin Charcot, Pierre Marie, and Howard Henry Tooth, CMT affects an estimated 2.6 million people. 

Houston Foot & Ankle Surgical

General Complications following Foot Surgery

Complications can occur following any foot operation. The common complications to all foot operations have been outlined below. However, there are specific complications to each individual procedure and anyone considering foot surgery should ensure they are aware of these before undergoing surgery. 

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